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Tourism is undoubtedly a very important and incredible part of the life, in the continuation of the busy lifestyle; a trip can act like a touch of rain in the time of drought. In the present age, the total world is availing all types of facilities through the help of internet. This virtual world of information is helping people to get all their desired information about their dream destination. So, it is very important for a travel based website to create a very strong database of information about all the destinations with proper budgeting details. “Value Added India” is a one stop destination where you can get the core information about various Indian travel destinations with all important credentials. It is a properly structured website that is sculptured with step by step informative modules that will definitely help the customers with choose their deal. In this site you can get region wise tour packages that include the following information enriched points –
· General information about the place
· Exact geographical location of the place
· Sports and natural elements of the place
· Detailed package details
· Details about the accommodation

Other than these destination based tour packages, it also highlights on the type of the tours like you can get information about wildlife tours, tribal tours, adventurous tours, religious tours, special Indian holiday based tours and many more. Finding proper hotel is another big task for the traveler, so, here this problem can also be solved by the proper listing of the top rated hotels of India with proper location and costing details. From the blogs and gallery portion of this site you can gather uncountable information and beautiful images of exotic destinations of India. So, if you want to plan your dream holiday with any hazards, you should get in touch with http://www.valueaddedindia.com/ which is ATOL protected and gives you authentic services and help you dedicatedly to make your trip memorable for lifetime.

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Aditi Chopra
April 6, 2016
India is beautiful land.This was very exciting preparation and by the time that I finally stepped onto Indian soil, I felt that I could appreciate the country even more by understanding its fascinating history and origins.

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