Himalayan Odyssey

Himalayan Odyssey

Rightfully termed as the home of, Himachal Pradesh is a wonderful location of nature’s splendor and is a part of the Indian Himalayas that consists of green meadows, wide valleys, crystal-clear lakes, snow covered mountains, gushing streams, fruit laden orchards, terrace of tea and meandering rivers. This traveller’s paradise proves to be a wonderful location for the tourists who want to relax and simply feel rejuvenated. Shimla being the capital is the main business hub attracting tourists from all across the globe.It is a favorite spot among tourists since the place consists of comfortable weather; beautiful views of snow capped mountains and well developed tourist facilities.
Pragpur located in the Dhauladhar mountain range of Kangra valley is the first certified Heritage Village of India, this place is a must visit for tourists coming to Himachal Pradesh.

Country India
Tour CodeVATI-0034
Visa requirementsYes
Languages spokenTibetan, Hindi, English, Kangri, Pahari, etc.
Currency usedIndian rupee (Rs) or Indian currency.
Area (km2)29.51km²
Altitude1250mts to 1982mts
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Sports & nature

With its free flowing rivers, blue clear skies, snow capped mountains, green forests and apple orchards; Himachal Pradesh has emerged as one of the world’s leading adventure sports hub. Adventure sports are quite famous in Himachal Pradesh, the breath taking sceneries in the valleys and hills are well known for paragliding, gentle easy slopes are good for mountaineering, mountain cycling, camping, trekking, skiing, etc. High mountains wrapped in snow, the pristine charm of the apple orchards, little villages on the laps of the green hills presents an array of wonderful options to explore. With varied topography, climate and forest cover Himachal Pradesh is endowed with a vast variety of flora and fauna. Storage of rich bio-diversity is gifted beautifully with rugged terrain, scenic landscapes, beautiful forests and wildlife with numerous Sanctuaries, few National Parks and many games Reserves that attract visitors.
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Nightlife info

Though nightclubs are limited but they are designed for entertainment, amusement and are mostly open till late night. Live bands and DJ’s are played for the audiences to convert the atmosphere in the giving way of celebration.
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Culture and history info

The culture is endowed with diverse manifestations being ancient and rich.. Mandi’s culture consists of food, lifestyle of the people, clothing, ornaments, fairs and festival which much more attraction. Shimla was discovered by the British in the form of a little village till it was a part of the Nepalese kingdom when it was acquired by the Government of India. The Shimla State Museum has a huge collection of sculptures, handicrafts, paintings, coins, on display. Forts and various ancient buildings throw light on the colorful history of Himachal Pradesh including its architectural styles, art, culture and traditions.

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