If you love hills and like to travel to hilly destinations on Indian holidays, Meghalaya is the ideal place for you .The name means “the abode of clouds. It is a tiny but picturesque state in the northeastern region of India. The state remained cut off from the mainstream India since a long time due to some ethnic issues but survived the onslaught of rude commercialization that has taken over from other famous tourist spots of India. Hilarious hilly Meghalaya – is the beauty personified. Statistically amongst the wettest places Meghalaya draws huge amount of tourists from across the world. The state is rich in minerals, but it has no significant industries. These sacred groves harbor has many ancient rare plant and animal species.

Country India
Tour CodeVATI-0023
Visa requirementsYes
Languages spokenKhasi and Garo are principal languages.
Currency usedIndian rupee (Rs) or Indian currency
Area (km2)22,429km²
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Sports & nature

Trekking in rain forests and the Meghalaya Hills are very common among tourists. Tura, Nokrek peak, River Canyoning and other water sports like Angling, Water Skiing, Sailing, etc defines that Meghalaya is a land of experiencing adventure sports. Golfing and Archery are popular local sports practiced at a vast rate. The state of Meghalaya enjoys temperate climate with sacred forests of Khasi Hills, orchids, flowering trees, etc. Nongkhnum Island is the second biggest river island of Meghalaya consisting of huge trees, areas of grassland, fishing pools, etc. The marvelous Hills are decked with all residential facilities. Agriculture in the state is characterized by low production and unsustainable farm practices. Due to diverse climatic and topographic conditions, Meghalayan forests support a vast floral diversity, including a large variety of herbs.
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Nightlife info

People of Meghalaya are really passionate about their music since there is no insufficiency of local talent. As the week reaches its end the crowds of Meghalaya are ready to dance all night away to music being buzzed out by some local band. Shillong nightlife is generally restricted to bars that are just attached to hotels for drinks and entertainment.
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Culture and history info

Carving out two districts of the state of Assam the state of Meghalaya was given a semi-autonomous status. Meghalaya, along with neighboring state of India, has been of archeological interest. The ancient people of Meghalaya mixed their spiritual beliefs of Animism and ancestor. Meghalaya has many rivers. Most of these are seasonal .The place is mountainous, its the most rain soaked state of India. The tribes in Meghalaya has unique feature of the state in majority. The tribal population follows matrilineal system where inheritance and lineage traced through women of Meghalaya. The locals are known for their weaving skills and creating special material of cane mats, baskets and stools that guarantees a good quality which lasts long.

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Day 1

[Guwahati- Shillong]:- Pickup from Guwahati Airport, transfer to Shillong (4 hours), visit Umiam Lake or Barapani, Khasi pines and overnight in Shillong.

Day 2

[Shillong- Cherrapunjee]:- Transfer to Cherrapunjee, visit Seven Sister falls, Mawsmai cave, Thangkharang Park and overnight stay.

Day 3

[Cherrapunjee]:- Providing you with the complimentary Breakfast, Witness local arena, visit living root bridge, relax and overnight stay.

Day 4

[Cherrapunjee- Mawlynong- Shillong]:- Providing you with the complimentary Breakfast, Full day sightseeing to Mawlynong, return back to hotel and overnight in Shillong.

Day 5

[ Shillong- Smit- Jowai]:- Providing you with the complimentary Breakfast, Transfer to Jowai (4 hours), visit Smith Village, local tour of Jowai including villages and overnight stay.

Day 6

[Jowai- Nartiang- Jowai]:- Transfer to Nartiang Monoliths and Durga Mandir and overnight stay.

Day 7

[Jowai- Thadlaskein Lake- Shillong]:- Return to Shillong, visit Thadlaskein Lake and overnight in Shillong.

Day 8

[ Shillong- Nongkhnum- Mawphlang- Shillong]:- Transfer to Nongkhnum Island (3 and half hours), visit Mawphlang (25km), forest, museum, return to Shillong and overnight stay.

Day 9

[ Shillong]:- Providing you with the complimentary Breakfast, Sightseeing tour of Shillong includes all attractions and overnight stay in Shillong.

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